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Payday loans online from direct lenders and mediator companies: which to choose?

Have you faced some urgent trouble and need money quickly? Then payday loans online can help in making your life easier with the help of convenient and, moreover, superfast way of providing you with the necessary amount of money up to $1000. However, even after taking a decision to get payday loans online, most number of people face another dilemma: how to choose the lender? Here we are going to tell you about two types of lenders, who may provide you with the same result, which is payday loans online, but doing this differently.

Which types of lenders to choose from?

If you are not a novice to payday loans online, then you should know that there are two types of payday loans called “direct lenders” and “mediators”. However, if you are reading this article, it means that you don’t know the difference between them, that’s why you are here as it is necessary to be aware of all details before taking a reasonable decision. So, let’s give the definitions to both types of payday loan lenders:

  • Direct lender- a company, which provides all services concerning payday loans directly, communicating without any middlemen.
  • Mediator- a company, which plays the role of the middleman among the borrower and the direct lender.

Which features does each lender have?

The direct lender provides services to borrowers at lower rates compared to mediator companies. On the one hand, it is considered as a benefit. Who wants to pay more for the same amount of payday loans online? Sure, nobody! But on the other hand, it is necessary to note that mediators take money for certain services, which make the whole process of getting payday loans online a bit more convenient for some borrowers as you shouldn’t look for the direct lender by your own. Mediator’s company has the wide network of direct lenders who it cooperates with. You provide the lending services company with all information necessary to find the best match for you and that’s it. You have to do nothing but wait about 15 minutes when the company processes your information and receives the answer from the direct lender who agrees on your terms and conditions. The main aim of the payday loan company is to find the lender, whose interest rates and all other conditions will seem advantageous for the borrower. In case of matching the lender and the borrower, the mediator has some percentage for the work done. That’s why looking for the payday lenders, you may notice that some companies have a bit higher fees for their services.

How to choose the trustworthy payday loan lender?

Nowadays all websites offering payday loans online should have license and work on the legal basis. You can check all terms and conditions on the lender’s official website, where the obligatory points are contact information provided and privacy policy, which you can easily get acquainted with at the website before taking a decision to share your personal information. One more recommendation is to look for reviews about the lender you choose.

Remember that we never ask you to pay for the chance to apply for payday loans we provide. Only fake lenders can ask money for the application process as it must be completely free. You pay only for the loan you have borrowed from us, making the loan repayment on the due date, agreed in the contract.

Payday loan services we provide you with

Nowadays the demand for payday loans is growing day by day resulting to the larger number of lenders appearing on the market. All of them offer similar financial help but the interest rates and conditions may differ much. It is recommended to be careful studying what the lender offers you in order to take the right decision. We give our clients more benefits than any other lenders offering the following points to consider:

  • 100% guarantee of your personal information safety as it is protected with the latest encryption technology
  • Payday loans from the most responsible direct lenders, who know how to help you in dealing with emergency situation
  • No credit check payday loans, which are given to those borrowers, who couldn’t even think about the chance to get the equal benefits of getting instant cash with bad credit score as well as those customers with the perfect credit history.
  • Payday loans procedure, which takes place online and helps to avoid standing in a queue and spending time for annoying faxing and documentation
  • Maximum match of your expected interest rates and all loan conditions as we provide an individual approach to each customer
  • We take care about your ability to take well-informed decisions. That’s why we provide you with all information that can be necessary for taking a reasonable decision concerning payday loans online
  • We don’t allow our clients to apply for the larger amount of money that they are able to repay as we don’t want payday loans have any negative influence on your credit score
  • We offer very convenient repayment system, which has been designed in such a way that the customers shouldn’t do anything, besides having the necessary amount of money on the checking account in order we can withdraw the amount equal to the borrowed loan plus the interest agreed while signing an agreement among the lender and the borrower

How does the Privacy Policy of payday loan lenders work?

The Privacy Policy of the payday loan lender is available at the website in order the customer can get acquainted with it before signing the contract about getting payday loan services. It is recommended to apply for the loan only in case you agree to each point of the provided Privacy Policy. According to the country’s legislation, payday loan lender promises not to share any personal information of the borrower, which was provided in the process of filling in an application form as the main step required for getting instant loans. Your personal data will be given only to the direct lender and not to any other third party that is not involved in the process of providing you with the loan you request.

So, if you need urgent money, we're here to help. So what are you waiting for? Just fill out the form!

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