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Major differences between payday loan direct lenders and mediators

The main dilemma all borrowers face is how to choose a payday loan lender in order to benefit from using a payday loan online. Before you are going to apply for a loan, you should learn about two types of payday loan lenders: direct lender and mediator. Compare services they offer to take a reasonable decision concerning a payday loan application.

How do services from mediators and direct lenders differ?

First of all, you should understand that you get a payday loan from the direct lender only. The only difference between direct lenders and mediators is that the first lender is contacting you directly while the second one works with the large network of the direct lenders and plays the role of the intermediary between the customer and the lender. Besides this difference, you should keep in mind that the services of the mediator costs more compared to the services of the direct lender. This is obvious as the whole job is done instead of you. You don’t have to look for the trustworthy direct lender on your own as the mediator’s function is to find the best deal for the customer taking into account your current financial situation.

Choosing a mediator you will benefit from:

You may wonder why to use the services of the mediator if you can find a direct lender by yourself. However, there are several reasons why mediator services are worth considering. Check out the list of benefits you will be able to get if choose the services of the mediator when getting a payday loan online:

  • An opportunity to save much time and energy, which are necessary to find a trustworthy direct lender;
  • A chance to get a risk free service as all lenders from the mediator’s network are legitimate;
  • An opportunity to choose among the offers available;
  • A chance to enjoy the best deal tailored to your personal needs.

Why do many customers prefer direct lenders when getting a payday loan?

A lot of customers would prefer the services of the direct lenders only because they consider that getting loans from the mediator isn’t as safe as from the direct payday loan lender. However, it is not true as the mediator doesn’t use your personal information for any other purposes, except offering you the most suitable loan offer taking into account your own needs.

Things to keep in mind when getting a loan from the direct lender

  • Services of the direct lender is cheaper compared to services provided by the mediators;
  • You should check if the direct lender is trustworthy by reading the customers’ reviews;
  • It is necessary to be careful reading the information about the interest rates and the loan repayment term when you sign a loan contract;
  • Make sure you haven’t found a scam lender by checking that the payday loan lender provides services on the legitimate basis.

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